A Journey to Becoming a Woman of Faith

Bible Study – Spring 2023

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The word FAITH is possibly the most used word in all the religious world. Not only is the word used by “religious” people, but many “non religious” people also use the word to describe an attitude of “believing in something”. However, while the word is used quite liberally all around the world, very few truly understand the power behind it. While It is a noun, in many ways, it functions like a verb, requiring a person to both possess it and activate it. The concept of faith is often reduced to simple quotes such as “all you need is a little faith”, “just believe”, “keep the faith”…But, while faith is a very popular topic for quotes, it is almost impossible to define and is anything but “simple”. What we need is a Biblical teaching on the topic to truly understand this vital word. 

Thankfully, the writer of Hebrews provides us with an incredible study of faith through Biblical characters who exemplified what faith truly is. Not only does he provide his readers with real life examples of this fundamental concept, but he gives perhaps the most important statement about FAITH in the entire Bible: “Without faith, it is impossible to please God.” My guess is that all of us are interested in pleasing God. In fact, it should be our primary aim if we are Christ followers. Join us as we dig into the book of Hebrews and look at the heroes of faith to help us in our journey to truly become women of faith!

When and where? Tuesday night in studio 3 -Hwy 16

6:30-7:00 – Connection time: (come early to connect)- You will sit at tables with other ladies to discuss the lesson and grow together in God’s word as disciples of Jesus!

7:00 – Bible study teaching: A passage/chapter will be taught each week using a verse by verse method.

What do I need for the study?

Questions are provided to help you dig into God’s word each week. They are are given out at class and are posted here with a date. Answering the questions are not required, but doing them will give you a head start on understanding and learning the information!

There is no specific book needed for this study, but you might enjoy this book journal to use as you study.

What if I miss a week or two? Please don’t let the busyness of life keep you from coming back. Even if you have to miss a week or more, you can always jump back in and learn something.

Is the lesson available to watch online? Each week’s study is filmed during the live teaching and uploaded here (go to the media tab) so that you can watch if you aren’t able to come in person! You can also watch the lesson live on the Facebook page Crossroads Women’s Bible Study.

If you have questions? Please email


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