A Journey to Becoming a Woman of Faith

Can’t wait to see you all this Thursday, May 2 to study chapter 24 and wrap up our study of Luke! Questions for chapter 24 are located at the bottom of this page!

Have you ever felt like quitting? Every day millions of people all over the world quit something. Whether it is a job, a team, a hobby, an exercise routine, a habit, a friendship, a marriage or any number of other life experiences, quitting is a decision that is made to abandon or walk away from something for good or bad reasons. Quitting isn’t always negative because some things need to be discontinued, but often quitting is a result of discouragement, disillusionment or despair. While life does have its share of struggles that can make anyone want to give up at times, this is not how we are supposed to live! On the contrary, the opposite of quitting is staying, persevering, overcoming and that is exactly what we are able to do when we live a life with Jesus as our guide! With Him as our model and our help, we can triumph over the circumstances of life that drag us down and make us want to throw in the towel! The truth is, in case you have forgotten, we, as believers, are on the winning team, so it is time to start living like CHAMPIONS!
7pm- Hwy 16, studio 5 – email valadams1215@gmail.com if you have any questions! Hope to see you there!
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journey to victory_ week one questions

journey to victory_ week two questions

journey to victory_ Chapt. 16- week three questions

Journey to Victory- Chapt. 17 – Week Four questions – Google Docs

Journey to Victory_ Chapt. 18 – Week Five questions

Journey to Victory_ Chapt. 19 -Week Six

Chapter20_Journey to Victory_ Week Seven (1)

Chapter21_Journey to Victory_ Week Eight

Chapter22_Journey to Victory_ Week Nine

Chapter23_Journey to Victory_ Week Ten

Chapter24_Journey to Victory_ Week Twelve

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